Services Offered

Sigmaphi offers a range of services from helping with the whole process of running a research project from start to finish or just assisting with the statistical analysis of collected data. Being available from the start to finish of a project ensures that advice can be given to ensure the study is designed effectively so the data collected is best suited to reaching the research aim. In addition to this it is far more cost effective to employ SigmaPhi than many of the larger research companies or agencies along with ensuring a personal touch and complete statistical expertise.

In more detail, the services offered are:

  1. Assistance with study design in order to ensure that data collected is appropriate for fulfilling the research aim.
  2. Data cleaning and management where clients do not have the facilities to do this. This is only offered as part of the running of a project and not as a standalone service.
  3. Discussing the client's outcome requirements to provide advice and assistance in designing an analysis plan to fit this, along with suitably detailed explanations of what the results will be, and their uses and limitations.
  4. Statistical analysis of any kind of quantitative data is offered, software used is SPSS Statistics, SPSS Modeller and MLwin; although expertise lies in analysis of social science data the skills necessary to do this are easily applied to most research settings.
  5. Results of the analysis can be formatted in either a very simple way with brief explanations for the client, or more aesthetically pleasing presentations can be produced if this is desired.

The other branch of services offered is professional training in statistics and the use of SPSS [Statistics and Modeller] as a tool for analysis. This is suited to professionals who may be looking to run a one off project in SPSS or companies who want to train a group of employees for regular use of the program.

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